I am a programmer from Munich, Germany, currently developing LAMP powered web applications and all things C++.

I've been trying to master C++ since the age of 15 when I bought my first book about programming. Little did I know that the title "C++ in 21 days" was not to be taken literally. It took me a long time and many more books to gain a confident understanding of the deeper parts of the language.

In the meantime I started developing and maintaining web applications for the Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP stack, including frontend work done with JavaScript and of course HTML & CSS.

Being of curious nature, I always try to take a look behind the scenes, diving deeper into the implementation details of networking (TCP/IP) and operating systems (unix-like). This is also the main reason why I'm an avid GNU/Linux user: Its openness enables anyone to remove the hood and tinker with the engine.

You are in need of a passionate software developer?

I'd be glad to help out! Here's a lose writeup of my past experience:

Programming Languages
C++, C, Bash, PHP, SQL (MySQL), JavaScript, some Ruby, some Python, some Java
Protocols & Concepts
Basic TCP/IP, HTTP, operating systems, GNU/Linux system administration, code quality, secure code, testing
Software Development with C++
Boost, Qt, Gtk+, Gtkmm, Box2D, SFML, Valgrind, GCC
Web Applications: Backend
Zend Framework, MySQL, Apache, GNU/Linux, Smarty, Drupal, Contao, Typo3, Joomla, Wordpress, a little bit of Ruby on Rails
Web Applications: Frontend
Clean HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery UI & Mobile, Gimp, responsive design
Setting up and maintaining web servers (Apache/MySQL/PHP), Debian packaging, Bash scripting

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